Get your business on track by joining a group of like minded people who are committed to each other’s success. Group coaching is the perfect “next step” to the Ninja Installation so that you can keep your momentum going and get your action list done. 
Windermere Group Coaching clients will receive...
  •  Two 45-minute group coaching calls per month
  •  A structured curriculum so that your business is 100% Ninja in 180 days 
  •  Collaboration with other clients so that you hear best practices and “what’s working.”
  •  The guidance of a Windermere coaching leading the group on their path to success 
  •  Group accountability so that each participant feels inspired to stay on track 
Each Group Coaching client will be assigned to a group of fellow Windermere agents who are committed to growing their business and balancing their life. You will connect with this group by phone twice a month and your Windermere coach will lead the group through a 10-step curriculum.

The investment is $350 per month with a six-month commitment.
This Video Is All About Group Coaching...
Your business will be 100% Ninja in 180 days...
  •  Month 1 = Refine business plan, install scorecard, implement a.m. ritual
  •  Month 2 = Organize database and install flow systems
  •  Month 3 = Install Buyer Systems 
  •  Month 4 = Install Seller Systems 
  •  Month 5 = Refine weekly routine
  •  Month 6 = Design and implement business checklists
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