How to have a rocking real estate business and a balanced life without trying to figure it all out by yourself.

If you want to stay on a consistent path, build super-effective habits and be handed proven tools, then Windermere Coaching    is for you.


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1-On-1 Coaching

  • Personalized: Customized plan to meet (and exceed) your goals
  • Accountability: Learn how to "win the week" and feel on track and focused
  • Mentoring: Personal coaching phone calls, templates and more

Windermere Path

  • Structure: A weekly live coaching call to keep you on track
  • Collaboration: The calls give you best practices from the best in the business so you can follow what they do
  • Resources: Get access to an online resource center with all of the tools, templates, and marketing examples you need

Windermere Coaching Stories


What Agents Say About Our Coaching

“You make being a Realtor all about what I can do for my clients in a completely streamlined, efficient and highly effective process. A process that is all about relationships and celebrations. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my systems in place, encouraging me, solving problems by turning them into gifts and introducing me to a viewpoint of abundance versus scarcity. Your coaching has been invaluable and I think any Realtor would benefit immensely from your services. Thank you!”

- Karen Peirolo, Mt. Vernon, WA

“The bottom line is real estate can be a lonely and intimidating career. It’s high risk and high reward with a huge failure rate. Knowing that someone was in my corner helping me present the best possible version of myself and encouraging me to take risks has been valuable beyond measure.”

- KiamaLise Herres, Bellevue, WA

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